Email has emerged as a dominant 1:1 tool for marketers, allowing for personalization and immediate results tracking. Combined with viral marketing and automated sequencing, it not only provides tremendous bang for your marketing budget, but is a highly accurate way to deliver a tailored message.

About Hermes E-Messenger
Hermes E-Messenger is an advanced new permission-based email-marketing product that delivers on-demand solutions for small and medium businesses, and membership organizations.

Our state of the art tools allow marketers using our technology to focus on highly effective, well-targeted, economical campaigns.

Our Account Managers and Production staff are experts at complying with your company’s standards for Web pages and message content. They also ensure proper adherence to your corporate identity through the use of templates and standardized copy.

About Nodus Solutions
This unique communications tool is a product of Nodus Solutions, a company providing a range of consulting and technology products and services to Fortune 1000 clients. Its technology, design and implementation services help clients manage critical applications, enhance business performance and increase their competitive advantage.